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Rossel Dequito – 2010 Graduate
Kitchen Specialist
UCC Vienna Cafe

I am the eldest of 5 siblings.  My mother is a housewife and my father is a driver of a motorcycle that we call “Kuliglig”. 

It is used to transporting fruits  and vegetables from Divisoria  to other places.  Our house was in Binondo, in a squatters area which was dangerous  for everyone.  Our house was not an ordinary house built on land but one that was built above the sea on stilts.  During our first night, I couldn’t sleep because I could hear the sound of the ship passing and feel  the waves swaying our house. Once there was a  typhoon that destroyed the base of our house.  We had to build our house again and start anew.  Since then I made a goal – to study, to finish and work so I can transfer my family to a better house and support the studies of my four siblings. 

I always prayed to God that he will give me a chance  to continue my studies.   After a month God gave me an answer.  Mrs. Pilar Batac enrolled me in Punlaan School! I kept shouting 3 words when I heard about her intention of helping me— “Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord”. 

Mrs. Batac helped out pay the miscellaneous, uniforms, graduation fees and other personal expenses. I also sold in school and in the OJT venue items like hopia, choco crinkles, fish crackers and fruits to pay for my projects, requirements and sometimes for  transportation. 

I was really  happy when I graduated for Punlaan.  My venue  which was UCC Vienna Café, hired me as one of their kitchen specialists.  Right  after my first salary, I transferred  my family in a house that was build on land, no more fear  when sleeping.  I was able to help my parents  pay for bills and debts. 

Punlaan helped me  a lot!  It molded me not only for the  better but most especially to bring out the best in me.