bernadette mansay

Bernadette Mansay Pillien — 1996 Graduate
Chef in a Hotel in London

Since my  father  was a tricycle driver and my mother a  fulltime housewife, I really did not expect to  study and go to College.  Until  one day, I heard about Punlaan School and enrolled in their program. 

Punlaan gave me the chance to give my family a better life and lead me to many great opportunities.  Punlaan taught me  how to build and strengthen  myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Being bombarded  by lessons about self-reliance, self-esteem, work ethics and faith in God was most valuable to me. 

I gained a lot  of incredible experiences from my On-The-Job Training at the Manila Peninsula Hotel where  I was absorbed  right after graduation and which prepared me  to deal with the  difficulties  that came along while working abroad dealing with different kinds of people. 

Punlan School helped me develop myself professionally  and made me a more responsible person.