graduate awardees

Graduates who won top awards in the National Food Showdown 2014. (L-R)Michelle Pacheco (Silver Medal-Pastry) Resorts World Manila Employee, Nikki Ciriaco (Bronze Medal-French Pastries) Edsa Shangri-La Hotel employee, Faye Ogarion (Silver Medal-Pralines)Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Employee

Graduates Blossom in National Food Showdown 2014

We are proud of our Punlaan graduates who won top awards in the National Food Showdown 2014. The three, Michelle Pacheco, Faye Ogario and Nikki Ciriaco recounted their experiences.

Michelle Paul Pacheco

To be asked to join and represent our company, Resorts World Manila, for this competition was really something “Big” for me. I know that every time I compete, I put myself in a position where I will be pushed beyond what I thought was my limit and be honed to be better in my craft.

I thank God for the gift of winning the Silver Medal for this National Food Showdown Competition! He blessed every work of my hands, made the times of practice fruitful and gave me strength for the day of the competition. Imagine a full day of no sleep—literally, the day before the competition, just to make sure every piece of the entry is fresh and flavorful.

I am grateful to Punlaan – where I learned the skills, the values and the knowledge that I’ll be needing for this wide, no-stopping field of Food and Beverages. And I am even more grateful, because their desire to help other young women is still their mission.

Faye Ogario

“ If you want to pursue your education, and have work after graduation look for Punlaan School”, that is how I got to know Punlaan. I am from Batch 18, and I had my on the job training at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel in the Pastry Department. The values and knowledge I learned from Punlaan was really a big help because it honed me not only as a person but developed my skills in the food industry. I was able to help my parents financially and give back somehow.

My entry for the National Food Showdown was “Pralines” with the theme “Ginger Spice and Everything Nice”. I was given a chance to experience what it is to represent the hotel as well as show what I can do with chocolates. I was really nervous because it was also my first time to join a competition but with the help of my colleagues and supervisor I was able to execute it well. Weeks of training really paid off after I received the Silver medal and so I am really thankful especially to God, my hotel and my school.

Nikki Ciriaco

Punlaan helped me hone not only my skills but also my character as a person; I now help support my brother in his studies.

I decided to participate in the National Food Showdown representing Edsa Shangri-La Hotel since the veteran chefs gave way for the young ones to gain experience. The category I entered was French Pastries. The theme was “classic with a twist”. We had to make 3 kinds of parties. Under the keen supervision of my chefs I meticulously thought of the desserts to present. We went through weeks of practice and sleepless nights and it all paid off! By God’s glory for a first timer, I won Bronze! Thanks to my alma mater, my family, and chefs who supported me along the way!